Mermaids Anyone?

Aquamarine – the Mermaid Stone

Beautifully facetted barrel-shaped aquamarine stones in pale sea blue fit for a mermaid! Sterling silver in the clasp, hammered rings and spacer beads sets off the wonderful calming blue of this recently-designed piece. The oval pendant wrapped with sterling silver wire is removable making this piece very versatile. It’s like getting three pieces in one because you can wear it as shown, or wear the necklace without the pendant, or wear the pendant on its own on a silver chain. Anyone wanting to purchase this necklace can email me.

If you’re going on vacation, all you need to pack in your go-away case is this piece of jewellery, especially if you’re going on a cruise. Aquamarine is believed to protect travellers on water and in ancient times (and maybe even now!), fishermen and sailors wore this stone on chains or in rings. When the seas grew rough and dangerous, many would remove their aquamarine jewellery and toss it into the ocean in the hopes of placting the gods who reside there. So this makes aquamarine the ideal stone for a cruise holiday! But please don’t toss this baby into the ocean! I’ll give you an extra stone for this purpose.

Sunlight can fade aquamarine so store it in a soft pouch away from natural light.

This is the birthstone for March. Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and Nigeria.





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