Something Different

I’m known for creating big, beautiful, original and innovative jewellery – necklaces and bracelets. When people started telling me they really wanted one of my pieces but preferred something a bit smaller, I created some smaller but still unique and beautiful pieces like the ones below.

If you’re feeling creatively blocked or want to tap into your hidden talents, this striking apple-green stone is for you. Chrysoprase is said to awaken your hidden gifts and to help you reach your true potential. It helps with meditation and concentration.

This 20″ necklace has seven Chrysoprase drops and a sterling silver star with the sterling silver lobster clasp incorporated into the design in the front of the piece. The gemstone drops and star dangle from a sterling silver chain and I used sterling silver wire on the stones.

During the Middle Ages, Chrysoprase was used to mend broken hearts! It was also used to reduce internal pain and to strengthen vision. This stone is relatively rare but is found in many parts of the world including Queensland, Australia, Brazil, Germany and the United States in Arizona and California.

Tourmalinated Quartz, also known as Black Rutilated Quartz, is the stone I used for this piece. I tucked a little sterling silver turtle in amongst the drops dangling from sterling silver chain. Again, the clasp is in front and used as part of the design.

Small filaments and threads of black tourmaline are imbedded in clear quartz giving thi stone a very distinctive and sophisticated look. The rutilated quartz stones are said to repel negativity, balance emotions and enhance creativity. Much of this stone comes from Brazil.

These necklaces are popular at shows when people are searching for that perfect gift item. Just before Christmas, one woman bought four to give as gifts to her sisters!














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