We Did It! Indigenous & Ingenious!

We had a great time at our show this past weekend – November 10 & 11, 2012. I loved working with the other artists – Naomi, Jay and Jason and they had beautiful work for show and sale. Thank you – meegwetch – to everyone who came to look and buy. Lots of friends I haven’t seen for a while stopped by – there’s some pictures of them below.

This is Jo Ferris-Davies who’s wearing a turquoise and brushed onyx necklace that she bought. It’s a wire worked necklace with sterling silver wire and sterling clasp.

Donni Bobiwash – I haven’t seen him for ages so it was such a nice surprise when he walked in. We got to know each other through a mutual friend, elder extraordinaire the late Roger Jones from Shawanaga. We’re in front of Jason Jenkins’ photographs on display at Indigenous & Ingenious. Donnie’s a pyrotechnician which means he’s the guy doing – among other things – those amazing fireworks displays.

Here’s some of my work displayed at Indigenous and Ingenious.

And more…

And more…

And here’s my friend Naomi Smith, traditional beadwork artist who was one of the four artists in Indigenous & Ingenious. Naomi’s wearing one of my necklaces – it’s made with brushed onyx with a huge Tibetan Quartz Crystal pendant. The pendant’s removable but why would you want to remove it?

If you missed Indigenous & Ingenious, don’t worry, we’re doing a spring show!

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