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More from Indigenous & Ingenious…

My friend and fellow artist and organizer Naomi Smith who excels at traditional beadwork was one of the artists at Indigenous & Ingenious. Here she is hard at work on the gorgeous strawberries she makes:

And here are the products of her labour:

 And here is the product of my labour draped around my sister Pat’s neck. She went home with the Quartz Crystal with black wood chain necklace. She looks happy with it and it looked stunning on her.


This is me with my sister Pat and her daughter Dominique. Dominique picked out a delicate ruby drop necklace on gold-filled chain. Unlike her mom and her Auntie Barb, Dominique likes small jewellery! Wait till she gets a little older…



Dogs are always welcome at our shows. This is Spike with her people, Naomi’s friends. Behind them you can see some of Jay Bell Redbird’s paintings.




Here’s a close-up of one of Jay’s paintings. I’ve known Jay since he was a little boy, never imagining he’d turn out to be such a brilliant painter. His work takes my breath away. It’s gentle and subtle and it contains so many teachings. My sister Rose would love this one for Christmas – her Indian name is Naanooshkhans – Little Hummingbird, a name our mom gave her. And she is so much like a hummingbird, she’s tiny and she moves very fast and gets so much done in a short space of time.


Another stunning painting by Jay, this one a turtle. I somehow didn’t get any phototographs of Jay though. I don’t know if he was avoiding my camera. But he’s not so little anymore – he towers over me.



And this is my good friend and artist Jason Jenkins who is an extraordinary photographer. If you need photographs done, Jason is the guy to call.

And here’s more work by me:

This is the Tibetan Quartz Crystal pendant on the brushed onyx necklace that Naomi was modelling on Sunday at Indigenous & Ingenious. This quartz is mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, often mined by hand by the monks. It’s said to be a very powerful stone and excellent for use in meditation. This is a very substantial necklace – the Quartz pendant can be removed – the brushed onyx necklace looks great without it, but it’s even greater with the Quartz.



Here’s another piece – this one is Tagua Nut dyed with an animal print and mixed with two colours of resin chain. The Tagua nut is wrapped with brass wire to form a pendant and there are two brass ring clasps. Tagua Nut is also called vegetable ivory because in it’s natural undyed state it resembles ivory in colour and texture.





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